Heat Pump Consulting Services for all phases of your project.

Understand your options and create a plan that's right for your home.

Quote Review

Have multiple contractor quotes? Let's decipher the jargon and help you understand system performance.
$ 50 Exclusive Pricing for GECA Members
  • For a review of up to 3 quotes​
  • Complete a questionnaire about your home and upload the quotes to our portal.
  • Receive an easy-to-understand report within five business days.
  • Understand the performance of the equipment being proposed.
  • Compare quotes for efficiency, cost, cooling & heating capacity, and greenhouse gas impact.


Talk to our Specialist to understand if a heat pump is right for your home and create a plan to move forward.
$ 100 Exclusive Pricing for GECA Members
  • Per 1 hour session
  • Discuss your goals and learn how heat pumps will work in your home.
  • Understand the economics and operational costs.
  • Share your home's characteristics and discuss design options.
  • Receive advice on selecting contractors and tips on what to ask for.

Hear what our customer have to say...

Melissa Liazos
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Abode was incredibly helpful in providing heat pump coaching services as I looked to install a heat pump in my house. They reviewed contractor quotes with me, thought of questions I hadn''t thought to ask before, and helped me analyze the quotes and select the best option for my house. I recommend them wholeheartedly!
Erik Jacobs
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What an amazing experience. The Abode team helped us manage a complete home energy audit, including heat pump design and insulation. They were committed, knowledgeable and a joy to work with. We would have made many mistakes without them.
Kelly Savarese
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I cannot say thank you to this company enough. They were extremely knowledgeable about different types of clean heating and cooling systems. They also directed me toward the many different types of rebates available. I am so grateful to them for all their help in walking me through the arduous process step-by-step. I'm looking forward to our new summer/winter systems.
Laurie Gaines
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Trying to convert our house to clean energy was quite an undertaking. I live in Cambridge and the city’s clean heating program helped me get in touch with Mike Simons of Abode and he really came to my aid. I had so many questions and decisions to make. He was super helpful, efficient, and professional. He answered questions promptly, explained all the nuances, walked me through all the information and assisted me in applying for some great rebates. We installed solar panels, solar hot water systems, electric ducted heat /cooling pumps, insulation and updated our electric supply...
Mark Sandeen
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I had a great experience with Mike Simons at Abode walking through all the issues to consider and answering all my questions about making the transition from a relatively leaky house with a natural gas boiler and several decades old central air conditioning system to heat pumps. The excellent experience started soon after registering. Mike sent an email asking for background information on the house and HVAC systems, followed by several very helpful email exchanges clarifying the details. By the time we had our virtual Zoom tour of the home, Mike understood the situation quite well and came prepared to discuss a couple options for meeting my goals...

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