Middleborough Gas & Electric Department
Energy Efficiency Programs

Middleborough Gas and Electric Department is working with Abode to help Middleborough & Lakeville residents learn about residential energy efficiency and confidently move forward with improvement projects. Abode provides educational consultations to help learn about these improvements, maintains a network of qualified participating installers, and helps oversee projects to ensure they achieve the intended efficiency improvements. MGED offers rebates and Abode provides support for all of the following residential efficiency improvements:

Weatherization: Improve the air-tightness and insulation levels of your home to improve comfort and reduce energy and money expended on heating and cooling. 

Air Source Heat Pumps: Heat and cool your home with highly efficient, electrically-powered equipment, saving energy and possibly money as well in the process. 

Solar Photovoltaic (PV): Offset some or all of your electric bill by installing solar panels. You will be credited for surplus electricity generated, and will still be able to receive energy from the grid when needed.

Each of these programs requires approval before installation in order to qualify for a rebate, so please be sure to read all program requirements and contact Abode prior to completing any of the aforementioned efficiency upgrades.