WRAP Form Required Photo Guide (HPC)

Exterior Photo of the House

Exterior Photo of the House

Starting Condition

Starting condition of crawlspace
Starting condition of KW Space
Starting condition of Attic Space
Starting condition of ductwork

Testing (Geo-Located)

Heating and DHW equipment (standing back 10-15')
Manometer photo of test-out blower door number
Combustion analyzer photo of test-out CO result
Photo of blower door roadblock (if not blower door test)

Midpoint Condition

Attic after air sealing & before insulation
Walls insulated & drainage plane repaired before installing siding

Ending Condition

Ending condition of crawlspace
Ending condition of garage ceiling/wall
Ending condition of exterior wall
Ending condition of kneewall space
Ending condition of attic space
Ending condition of ductwork

H&S / Moisture / Heat Sources (General)

Lead safe set up (showing plastic & HEPA labeled vac for interior drill and blow)
Dryer vented to outside
gmb good
Ground moisture barrier installed over dirt floor

H&S / Moisture / Heat Sources (Attic)

Hood vent dammed with 6" clearance and vented to outside
Bath fan dammed with 3" clearance and vented to outside
Recessed lights dammed with 3" of clearance OR enclosure(s) built
Metal combustion flue with 6" of clearance
Air barrier installed between drop ceiling and insulation
Attic ventilation that was installed